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Packages & Pricing

Tap Truck Services

Let’s Get you dialed
Packages & Pricing

Tap Truck Services

Let’s Get you dialed

Service Packages

Our Services include:

•Our Custom 1952 Ford Panel Truck

Bar Top (Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic)

Up To Two Licensed Servers


• Ice

• Liability Insurance

 • And more!

Bartending Rental Packages

Three On The Tree                                                           $800

3 Hours Of Service

Four on The Floor                                                             $1,100

4 Hours Of Service

Fifth Gear                                                                           $1,400

5 Hours Of Service

Day Trip                                                                              $1,800

6-8 Hours Of Service

Let us help guide you!

We will help determine how much beer you need depending on your event! We may even make suggestions if you need a new favorite! Looking for something special? Let us know. We can customize anything to fit almost any budget!

All alcohol is sold at distributor pricing and is quoted separately from the truck rental. Per Texas Law, we cannot SELL alcohol. We can assist you with selection and delivery. 


Mocktails/Non-Alchoholic                                                                                 $200

Price Per Tap (Virgin Mojito, Shirley Temple, Peach Bellini, Sparkling Punch, Strawberry Lemonade, Root Beer Floats, Tea)

Perfect For Kid’s Parties or Graduations When You Don’t Want Alcohol!

Mixers + Garnishes                                                                                              $200

Flat Rate For Signature Cocktails (Customer Provides The Alcohol, While We Provide Mixers + Garnishes)

Water Station                                                                                                        $150

Self Service Water or Tea Station (Ice Cold)

Water Bottle Service                                                                                            $1

Priced Per Guest @ 2 Servings Per Guest


Contact Us

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Email: taptruckwtx@gmail.com

Location: West Texas